Mariƫlle van Broekhoven

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Nice that you are visiting my website! You can see various technical artworks on my site. Currently I work with engraving on tiles in combination with acrylic paint. The tiles are sold individually. If you are interested, send an email for the quotation. Because of this I learned to master various techniques. I have been drawing portraits for several years now. The materials I generally use are watercolor, graphite, oil paint and soft pastel. I paint on cardboard, paper and linen. While drawing and painting I have a lot of room for the creative process. This way of working keeps the urge to make new work. I like to draw and paint people portraits and animal portraits. I have made many customers happy by commission to immortalize their loved ones on canvas. It gives me great satisfaction to make someone happy with a successful assignment. Many of the commissioned works cannot be exhibited on the site for privacy reasons. But free work is on the site.
If you are interested in a painting or tile of your pet and / family member, do not hesitate and contact us via contact or email to:

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