Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Marielle van Broekhoven. Born and raised in Bergen op Zoom. I have been active as an artist since 2012. I sculpt and paint portraits of people and animals. In my free work I mainly paint portraits and still lifes. For a still life I use objects that appeal to me in terms of shape, color and structure. I prefer to paint objects that are always present in everyday life. Elements that fascinate me in a painting are the colors, light and structure. I try to paint a realistic still life, but I am not a real fine painter. I try to achieve realism more through my own technique. The brushwork plays a major role in my still lifes. The compositions often arise while I arrange the objects on a table, but often a certain image comes to mind in advance. Usually it is not my goal to give a symbolism to the still life, but subconsciously references are added every now and then. The beauty of light is to create depth. My search is therefore a challenge with every painting. I am self-taught and have created my own technique. In most cases I try to use a single light source that falls on the objects. This gives it a certain contrast that I like to strive for. The objects I paint can differ, usually depending on how the object is contrasted. Personally, I like to give some objects a little more light from the dark from a contrast perspective. Through testing and trying I have developed my own technique. I have improved and supplemented this technique over the years. I continue to learn every day through learning from fellow artists and art books.